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Safeguarding and safety

Many cycling clubs do not have the set-up and safeguarding for youth, nor enough youth to put on youth rides.  We fill that gap.

We do our best to safeguard and protect young riders.  However, cycling on the road is not without a level of danger and hazard associated with cars, horses, potholes, and cycling in close formation as a group.

We take safeguarding youth very seriously. Key ride leaders / adults will have a current DBS check.


The Safeguarding & Welfare Officer is Jake Backus.

At times it might be necessary for an adult or parent to be alone with a youth rider if they have crashed or can no longer keep up with the rest of the group. (We consider that the greater danger is to be left alone in the countryside.) By taking part in these rides parents are consenting to this arrangement without which it would be hard to put on the rides for the benefit of all.


We have British Cycling insurance. Our registration number is 818516

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